Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Thanksgiving Thank You


This time of year families, friends of families, extended families, and families of circumstance gather for a day of feasting, football, and falling asleep on the couch. Many exchanges of thanks and expressions of gratitude take place around the table. There's always gratitude for good health, happiness, holiday goodies, and home. Let's not forget forefathers and freedom.

At this point you will probably be grateful if I stop with the alliteration! OK, I'll try.

This is a special Thanksgiving for us, of course, in our new home. The list of blessings is endless. We are especially thankful to many, many people:

  • My son Scott for his service to our country here and around the world (and for coming home safe from Iraq). To all serving our country locally and worldwide.
  • Again to Scott for his pivotal role in making this move possible.
  • My husband for his courage and encouragement in this leap of faith.
  • My mom and her countless strokes of paint in preparing the house for our arrival.
  • Brother Rick for last minute packing and driving 1350 miles
  • Jill, Monique, Mary, Jim, and Chris for helping with the never-ending packing.
  • The Amex Banking Team for the wonderful send-off and special gifts, especially the gift of friendship. I miss you all so much.
  • Team Yoka for your partnership, confidence, and fun. Also for your special gift which I have yet to put to use for something extraordinary. I miss you all, too.
  • Lizz for your "Wooo Hooo" when I announced I was following my dream. Come on, girl, the studio is nearly set up!
  • The CSO ATT/IBM veteran team members' reunion party to see us off. What a treat that day was for us.
  • CSO ROR team for the heartfelt wishes for success. Who's filling Jerry's shoes?
  • Violet for giving Traci that special glow that only a daughter can.
  • Dozens of Amex friends and co-workers who made it extremely hard to leave my "home" of over 18 years.
  • Our new neighbors in Missouri who quickly came to our aid when we needed help in unloading the ABF trailers.
  • Finally, to everyone I should have thanked and inadvertently omitted.

But the praise and glory go to our Lord who gave us talents, choices, and people who love us and who we love.

May you all have a very special Thanksgiving. I know we will!

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