Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Leap of Faith

In the movie City of Angels the angel Seth had to literally fall off a tall building in order to become mortal and have a mortal life with his true love. He gave up guaranteed immortality for the uncertainties of mortal life. Well, sometimes we stay in one place because it is a "sure thing", forgetting that we are mortals and nothing is guaranteed. Stepping off a tall building is not recommended and, fortunately, we don't have to in order to have the life we want. It might feel like stepping off a building --- I can't deny I've had some painful moments of doubt and regret. But sensations of peace and confidence have begun to flow into my panic-stricken mind.

The realities of moving: packing, shipping, unpacking, realtors, address changes, utility activations, creepy neighbors, getting lost in the country --- it's all there and then some. Oh, the stories I could tell! Oh, I can! This is a blog, after all! But it will be more fun to write about the changes we experience by moving from city to country, from corporate to the arts, from the heat of the desert to the cold midwest winters, and heavy traffic to winding country roads with the sun roof open. Oh, yes, this is going to be fun!

So goes my first blog post! Since this blog is dedicated to my friends in Arizona, I dare not close without a photo. Don't count on seeing many pics of me, but here is one of my grand-niece Sienna who I met for the first time last week.


Faye said...

Congratulations Barb!!!! Way ta' go on your first Leap of Faith!!!! Keep up the good work and enjoy your life!!!!


Vicki said...

Hey Barb,
Its good to hear from you!! I'm glad you got things worked out with your creepy neighbor.

We think of you often at AMEX, things have certainly taken on a different spin here since you left.

Well better go for now, tell Jerry Hi for me.
Miss you,

ksbouy said...

You go Sista! Babe you are the one!